How To Change Your Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

By Blaiz Enterprises  25th May 2022

Changing your mouse pointer in Windows 10 should be straightforward, right?  Though, that is not quite the case in reality.  But here's how to do it in 13 easy steps.

Step 1 - Click "Start" - typically located at the bottom left of your screen

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step01 (JPG image)

Step 2 - Click on "Settings"

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step02 (JPG image)

Step 3 - Click "Ease of Access"

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step03 (JPG image)

Step 4 - Click "Cursor & pointer"

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step04 (JPG image)

Step 5 - Click the "Additional mouse settings" link

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step05 (JPG image)

Step 6 - Click the "Additional mouse options" link

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step06 (JPG image)

Step 7 - A "Mouse Properties" window will display, click on the "Pointers" tab

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step07 (JPG image)

Step 8 - Select "Normal Select" under the "Customize:" list

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step08 (JPG image)

Step 9 - Click the "Browse" button

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step09 (JPG image)

Step 10 - Select your animated or static cursor.  In the bottom left corner of the window is a small preview panel.

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step10 (JPG image)

Step 11 - Click the "Open" button to load your cursor

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step11 (JPG image)

Step 12 - Click the "Apply" button for changes to take effect.

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step12 (JPG image)

Step 13 - Click the "OK" button to close the window.  Your cursor is now the default mouse pointer.

articles-change-your-mouse-pointer-in-Windows-10-step13 (JPG image)
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