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CynthiaCynthia (PNG image)


Reliably play midi music files from a folder or ".m3u" playlist.  Adjust playback speed, volume and output device on the fly during playback.  A large playback progress bar makes jumping forward and backward in time a breeze with just a single click or tap.

Supports ".mid", ".midi" and ".rmi" files in format 0 (single track) and format 1 (multi-track).  Comes complete with 7 sample midis ready to play. 

Free, fully functional, portable software program, with no installation or setup.  Your existing computer libraries/files remain unchanged/unmodified.  We take pride in this respect function.

Cynthia is portable and will run from within the folder you download it to.

Screen Shots

cynthia-screenshot (JPG image)

Cynthia playing through a large list of midis on Windows 10

cynthia-screenshot2 (JPG image)

Cynthia displaying her menu

cynthia-screenshot3 (JPG image)

Cynthia playing on Ubuntu v20 with Wine

cynthia-screenshot4 (JPG image)

Cynthia playing on a 1998 DELL computer running Windows 98


  • Dual play systems - Play Folder and Play List
  • Comes with 7 built-in sample midis on a virtual disk
  • Elapsed, Remaining and Total time readouts
  • Native ".m3u" playlist support (copy, paste, open, save, build)
  • Drag and drop midi files to play / add to playlist
  • Play Modes: Once, Repeat One, Repeat All, All Once, Random
  • Play Speed: 10% to 1,000% (1/10th to 10x)
  • Intro Mode: Play first 2s, 5s, 10s or 30s of midi
  • Rewind / Fast Forward By: 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s or 30s
  • Play on Start option - playback starts when Cynthia starts
  • Always on Midi option - maintain connection to midi device for instant play
  • Auto Fade In - eliminate loud or abrupt notes during rewind, fast forward or reposition
  • Playback Progress bar - click to reposition/jump backward or forward in time
  • Volume control with volume boost
  • " Mixer" link - display Windows "Volume Mixer" application
  • Play ".mid" + ".midi" + ".rmi" midi files in format 0 and format 1
  • Custom built midi playback subsystem for maximum stability
  • Scrolling lyrics viewer
  • Detailed midi information panel
  • Large list capacity for handling thousands of midi files
  • Up to 10 midi playback devices - switch between them during playback
  • Flicker free GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Uniquely framed window with style, size and sparkle options
  • " Options" window for customising the entire look and feel
  • 46 built-in color schemes (Aqua Marine - Wild White)
  • 32 built-in frame styles (Classic - Traditional 3)
  • 9 built-in cursors (Orange - White) + Custom + Default
  • 11 GUI fonts (Arial - DejaVu Serif) + Custom
  • 10 customisable color schemes (Custom 1- 10 / set your own colors)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast, lightweight and modern user interface
  • Portable - no installation and no alteration to your operating system
  • Built-in help - view detailed information directly in program
  • No Internet Required - run completely offline
  • Free To Use - 100% freeware, no cost, no membership, no nags, no strings attached

Additional Features

  • Information Panel:
+ Filename - name of midi currently playing
+ Folder - folder of midi
+ Size in bytes and Mb
+ Format - 0 Single-Track and 1 / Multi-Track
+ Tracks - number of tracks in midi
+ Messages - number of midi messages sent / total
+ Resolution - realtime, achieved timing interval in milliseconds
+ Device - midi device online or offline
+ Elapsed, Remaining and Total times
+ Intro Mode
+ Volume Boost
+ Speed
+ State (stopped or playing)
  • Menu > Hyphenate Lyrics - insert a dash "-" between partial words
  • Playback Mode:
+ Once - play selected midi once and stop
+ Repeat One - play selected midi in a loop forever
+ Repeat All - play list of midis in current folder from start to finish, in a loop forever
+ All Once - play list of midis in current folder from start to finish and stop
+ Random - randomly play midis from list
  • Play Folder - list midis in folder by sort order:
+ Name (A-Z) - ascending alphabetical order
+ Name (Z-A) - descending alphabetical order
+ Date (New-Old) - ascending date order
+ Date (Old-New) - descending date order
+ Size (Small-Large) - ascending size order
+ Size (Large-Small) - descending size order
+ Type (AAA-ZZZ) - ascending extension order
+ Type (ZZZ-AAA) - descending extension order
+ As Is (A-Z) - ascending order
+ As Is (Z-A) - descending order
  • Menu > Intro Mode: Off, 2s, 5s, 10s or 30s
  • Menu > Rewind / Fast Forward by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s or 30s
  • Prev / Next - jump to previous or next midi in the list
  • Favourite folders for quick access to popular folders
  • Options Window - detailed options for changing colors, frame style, font and various effects and settings, and creating/removing Start button and Desktop links (shortcuts)
  • Curved or square controls, menus and windows
  • Realtime Help - hover over a link, control or menu item for instance, scrolling help
  • Soft Close windows - click outside window to close
  • Auto-Close windows - countdown timers close window after set time
  • Options > Color > Menu:
+ Copy - copy color scheme to Clipboard as plain text (safe and compact, share on social media)
+ Paste and Use - paste color scheme from Clipboard and display
+ Save As... - save color scheme to file
  • Options > Settings > Effects:
+ Special Colors - color coordinate important settings panels
+ Enhanced - shade control backgrounds and foregrounds
+ Curved Shading - circular shading
+ Colorise Images - shade all images with current color scheme for a low-impact look
  • Options > Settings:
+ Large Title - 34 or 24 pixel tall top title and icon
+ 32bit Graphics - 32bit or 24bit graphics (24bit is faster on old computers)
+ Frame Maximised - display frame when maximised
+ On Top - place Cynthia above all others
+ Minimal Scrollbars - clutter free scrollbars (no arrows, less visual distraction)
+ Economy - reduce paint cycles / CPU consumption for lower power usage
+ Scrollbar Size - set from 5 to 72 pixels
+ Touch - enlarge controls for easy touch access
  • Uniquely Framed Window(s)
+ Decorative and functional - click and drag to resize Cynthia easily
+ Size 0 to 72 pixels
+ Sparkle 0 to 20
  • Options > Font > Zoom - automatically scale Cynthia for best viewing on 2K, 4K and 8k monitors
  • Options > Misc > Wine compatibility support (Wine Is Not an Emulator - see www.winehq.org for more information) - various special enhancements to improve performance in Wine on Linux, e.g. Ubuntu v20
  • Customise a folder's image - portable and independent of operating system
  • And many more...


Desktop Application
Free for personal and business use
Release Date
28th May 2022
Code Foundation
4th Generation (Gossamer)
Operating System(s)
Microsoft Windows 95-11 and Wine (not Windows 10s/11s)

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