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Blend It


Easily create a website background tile.  Paste in an image, adjust style and strength, and use the realtime WYSIWYG display for visual reference, then save.  Final image can be tiled horizontally and/or vertically.

Free to use, fully functional, portable software program, with no installation or setup.  Your existing computer libraries/files remain unchanged/unmodified.  We take pride in this respect function.

Blend It is portable and will run from within the folder you download it to.

Screen Shots

blendit-screenshot (JPG image)

Blend It working it's "seamless magic" on the sample image Toadstool.jpg

blendit-screenshot2 (JPG image)

Once an ordinary image, unsuitable for tiling, Toadstool.jpg now tiles over the surface of a webpage seamlessly

blendit-screenshot3 (JPG image)

Blend It supports many different decorative frame styles and sizes for it's graphical user interface (GUI)

blendit-screenshot4 (JPG image)

Blend It's About window

Video demonstration of Blend It in action


  • Style - tile image horizontally, vertically or both
  • Strength - low, medium and high join strength
  • Size - 0 to 400 pixel tile edge
  • Options - maintain, stabilise and soften
  • Preview - view tile image inside a web browser
  • Realtime WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) visual display for instant graphical feedback
  • Standard Image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP
  • Comes with sample images (stored internally on a virtual disk)
  • Portable
  • Built-in integrated help viewer
  • Options Window - Easily change program color, font and settings
  • Sleek, modern and ultra-lightweight GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Ultra-compact program size ~1.2 Mb


Blend It
Free to use
Release Date
28th May 2022
Desktop Application
Code Foundation
4th Generation
Operating System(s)
Microsoft Windows 95 - 10   (not 10s)
Ubuntu 20 with Wine


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